About Codes CAD

We provide contract engineering services throughout the West-Kootenay Boundary region of British Columbia, and work with local industry on shut-down planning and project support, drafting and design services, and much more. Contractor Cody Zorn has been working in Custom Fabrication since 2001, and has work professionally with design software since 2005.

“In the spring of 2012, I moved back to Grand Forks, BC – my home town – after 12 years working for a few custom fabrication and manufacturing businesses in Vancouver and Calgary.”

Cody Zorn
Cody Zorn – Codes CAD

CAD is great for…

  • Sheet metal and flat pattern development
  • Analyze weight and center of gravity
  • Work with and test different materials
  • FEA (finite element analysis), Motion analysis

Benefits of contract design:

  • Lower Rates
  • Fewer full-time employees
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Allows you to focus on other tasks

Tickets, Training, & Experience:

Experience with visiting job sites, indoctrination, safety and lockout procedures.


  1. Fork Lift Operator (certified 2018)
  2. Fall Protection (certified 2018)
  3. Arial Platform Operator (certified 2018)
  4. Level 4 AutoCAD (Certified 2006)


  1. SOLIDWORKS 2019 Essential Training
  2. SOLIDWORKS: Weldments
  3. Learning SOLIDWORKS PDM
  4. Networking Foundations: Networking Basics
  5. Windows Server 2016: Installation and Configuration
  6. Securing Windows Server 2016: Securing Network Infrastructure


  • Industrial Equipment (excavators, dump trucks, transport vehicles)
  • Process Equipment (piping, electrical, valves, controls, pneumatic)
  • Material Handling (conveyors, chain-runs, screens, bins, hoppers, chutes)
  • Electrical Enclosures (CSA, NEMA, and ULC standards)
  • Structural (footings, beams, columns, bracing, bolted and welded connections)
  • Mechanical (automation, motion analysis)
  • Hydraulics (cylinders, hoses, fittings, range of motion)
  • P.D.M., P.L.M., M.R.P. (product data management, product life-cycle management, manufacture resource planning)
  • CAD Systems (computer systems, hardware, software)
  • More… (what can we help you with today?)